Never leave a boardroom feeling stupid again

TechLiteracy for Female Founders

You’re a non-tech founder of a startup with huge potential but your non-techiness is starting to hold you back.

TechLiteracy is for you if you are drained trying to keep up with the software developers and investors, trying to explain your promising vision, whilst these taxing conversations are leaving you more frazzled, less confident, and ultimately, dejected.

In just six weeks you will eradicate doubt, acquire crucial know-how with ease, and build the TechLiteracy you need to take your startup to heights you’d almost given up on.

Fed up with feeling misunderstood? Ready to take your startup to new heights?

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    You're tired of

    • Seeing app after app launched, only to discover it's yet another absurd product made by "bros"
    • Tiptoeing around your exciting ideas, unsure how to articulate them
    • Feeling confused when talking to tech "industry experts"
    • Not being understood by investors, software developers, and techies, feeling like an imposter
    • Trying so hard, but the sheer effort you're putting in is not giving you the results you want

    You want to

    • Possess the vernacular required to communicate effortlessly with anyone in the tech industry
    • Acquire the foundation to build YOUR ideas that will serve the world meaningfully
    • Command x-ray vision, allowing you to understand the systems and components that power all exciting tech products
    • Carry a deep sense of confidence in your ideas and your position, ditching that imposter syndrome

    So you can

    • Expand and broadcast your vision to the world
    • Create purposeful technology, making your mark in the industry
    • Hire and lead the team with the exact skillsets required for your product
    • Move from the corner couch chatting to your BFF to corner office pitching to investors

    If this is you, then read on.

    The Programme

    TechLiteracy is a six-week programme, where you can work on your own pace to develop the technical understanding you need to rule your startup.

    Combining core curriculum, a safe and engaging community, and access to live office hours, we provide exceptional support to assist you in achieving and communicating, your vision.

    Five core modules walk you through:

    1. How well-known tech products, like Uber, Deliveroo / DoorDash, Headspace and Instagram, work conceptually
    2. How these applications are then commonly created, technically
    3. The team you will need to build these types of products
    4. The technical resources required to make scalable products
    5. How to structure your communication to articulate your vision and needs clearly

    Maxim's ability to unpick the areas of concern, strengths, and weaknesses, while working through all levels of the business and industry, is impeccable. The most unique and valuable aspect of working with Maxim is arriving at a concrete structure for my business. I struggled to navigate the next steps and what my startup would look like in the short and long term. I now have a strategic plan and understand clearly what it takes to propel my business beyond an idea to fully functioning and existing.

    — Keanna Williams, Founder and CEO Nullus

    How TechLiteracy works

    Simple video tutorials, full of metaphors and visual aids, paint a clear picture of the tech industry’s fundamentals. You will grasp these in minutes.

    Easy worksheets crystallise these learnings and walk you through exactly how to apply these foundations to your startup.

    Bi-weekly LIVE office hours allow you to clarify your questions further.

    And your 72 page manual, including a comprehensive glossary, is always there when you need to reference it.

    In just six weeks, you will be in a place of unwavering clarity, able to advance your business into unlocking its full potential.

    “Maxim’s rare combination of gifts include deep technical knowledge, intuitive understanding of client needs and the capacity to create safe spaces in which all questions are welcome. The common experience of working with Maxim is a tremendous sense of “ah-ha” as it all starts to make sense. “

    — Sam Wigan, co-founder Beluga Bean.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to know any code?

    No. TechLiteracy assumes no prior technical knowledge.

    Will I learn any code?

    No. TechLiteracy is a serious training intended for startup founders and CEOs, who need just the right amount of technical knowledge to direct their startup, not build the products themselves.

    How much time do I need to reserve for the programme?

    We recommend setting aside around 8 hours a week. While the material is short and to the point, the benefit comes from working through the exercises to think through how this information applies to your cirucumstances.

    Do I need to already have a startup? I'm at the idea phase.

    Not necessarily. TechLiteracy can be applied at the idea stage also, though it helps to have clarity around what exactly your product and Technology solves for what audience. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch and we can send you a worksheet to think through ahead of the course.

    Is there any individualised help?

    TechLiteracy is not a bespoke training. However, great care is taken to address all pain points commonly experienced by female tech founders. For any individual questions or circumstances, we have our community and live office hours.

    What if I’d like 1:1 help?

    We offer 1:1 coaching on an extremely limited basis. If you are interested in both TechLiteracy and working on a longer-term basis (6 months minimum), contact us here, and we can bundle this for you.

    About Us

    At MENNENIA, we help women entrepreneurs start, launch, and grow their businesses by making technology as simple as everyday English.

    Maxim Cramer is the technical coach and consultant who helps women entrepreneurs create world-class software. With her ability to erase the gap between the technology and business, she’s worked on apps that have seen a million downloads on the first day and been featured in Apple retail stores around the globe.

    Maxim has worked as a technical consultant, UX designer and software engineer. She was integral to the team that developed Swiftkey, a keyboard app that saw over a million downloads on its first day and whose success was profiled in the New York Times (Microsoft has since acquired the app). She has also been a developer for fine arts collection app Artsy, and a technical consultant for IT firm Hewlett-Packard. Today she works as a principal design technologist at Autodesk on a software product revolutionising the film and gaming industry. Maxim has also been invited to speak at multiple conferences, including events for Google and Facebook in places from London to Japan.

    As founder of MENNENIA, Maxim empowers female founders to leverage technology and make their biggest impact yet. Repeatedly called out for her ability to turn technology into everyday English, flattening communications barriers between technical teams and visionaries, she’s taken on the audacious goal of securing a digital future for women by doubling the number of female founded tech businesses worldwide.

    “I always feel so inspired, motivated, and filled with confidence whenever I finish a call with Maxim. The advice and knowledge she has shared with me has already saved me thousands of $. Maxim's skillset of technical knowledge and being able to translate that to someone with limited prior tech knowledge is incredible.”

    — Jessica Cummins, Founder